Injury Recovery Massage

The Benefits Of Injury Recovery Massage

The rehabilitation from any injury can be a frustrating process. Injury recovery massage plays a vital role in speeding up this process. Massage not only increases circulatory movement, it also relaxes your muscles and helps the body to supply vital oxygen and nutrients to your body’s muscles and tissues.  Injury recovery massage focuses the massage therapy on the affected muscles and tissue surrounding your injury ensuring that you recover from injury sooner.

Injury Recovery Massage Can Significantly Increase Your Recovery From These Common Complaints:

RSI, Neck pain, Lower back pain, Headaches, Joint and muscular, pain, Knee pain, Calf strains, Hamstring strain, Chronic pain, Sprains, Strains, Hip pain, Shin splints, Repetitive Strain, Poor circulation, Sports Injuries, Ankle Pain

If You Would Like To Book – Simply email us and we will call you back. Treatments cost £50 per hour. (Book 4 treatments for the price of 3) Or Call Us on 07920 262 585

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